Microsoft Word 365 Course (Latest)

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Course Overview

Microsoft Word Course

Microsoft Word Course enables learners to demonstrate the ability to use a word processing application to accomplish everyday tasks associated with creating, formatting and finishing small-sized word processing documents such as letters and other everyday documents.

Learners will be able to duplicate and move text within and between documents. They gain competence in using some of the features associated with word processing applications such as creating standard tables, using pictures and images within a document, and using mail merge tools.

On completion of this module each learner will be able to:

  • Work with documents and save them in different file formats
  • Choose built-in options such as the Help function to enhance productivity
  • Create and edit small-sized word processing documents that will be ready to share and distribute
  • Apply different formats to documents to enhance them before distribution and recognise good practice in choosing the appropriate formatting options
  • Insert tables, images and drawn objects into documents
  • Prepare documents for mail merge operations
  • Adjust document page settings and check and correct spelling before finally printing documents

Course Title

ICDL – Perform Word Processing Functions (Word 2019)

Microsoft Word 2019

Course Outline

1. Overview & Introduction of Module

2. Getting Started

  • Start and Exit Word
  • Start Screen
  • Create a new document from default template or Installed templates
  • Save a Document
  • Open and Close an Existing Document
  • Switch Between Open Documents
  • Word Screen and Using File Tab and Ribbon
  • View a Document
  • Show/Hide Non-Printable Characters
  • Zoom
  • Changing Word Options
  • Getting Help

3. Creating A Document

  • Entering and Deleting Text
  • Text Selection Techniques
  • Create and Merge Paragraphs
  • Use Undo/Redo Command
  • Insert Symbols
  • Using Page Breaks
  • Copy and Move Text
  • Find and Replace Text
  • Inserting and Deleting soft carriage returns

4. Formatting Text

  • Text Formatting
  • Using the Ribbon
  • Using the Font dialogue box
  • Apply Character and Paragraph Styles

5. Formatting Paragraph

  • Good practices in formatting a word document
  • Change Paragraph Alignment
  • Indent Paragraph
  • Change Line Spacing
  • Change Paragraph Spacing
  • Add Borders and Shading
  • Bullets and Numbering
  • Using Format Painter
  • Auto Hyphenation
  • Use and Set Tabs

6. Tables

  • Create a Table and select cells
  • Enter Data in Table
  • Modify Table Structure
  • To insert a column or row into the table
  • To delete a column or row in a table
  • Format a Table
  • To change the alignment and size of a cell or a range of cells
  • To merge cells in a table
  • To split cells in a table
  • To add borders to a table
  • To use Table AutoFormat

7. Using Graphic Objects

  • Insert Clip Art
  • Insert Picture
  • Insert Chart
  • Format Chart

8. Manipulate Image

  • Move/copy an image
  • Re-size an image
  • Delete an image

9. Mail Merge

  • Creating the Main Document
  • Creating a Data Source
  • Open a Data Source
  • Writing the Document and insert fields
  • Finish and Merging

10. Finishing a Document

  • Create a header or footer
  • Insert Automatic Page Numbering
  • Finishing a Document
  • Check Spelling and Grammar

11. Page Setup Options

  • Modify Page Margin
  • Page Orientation
  • Paper Size

12. Printing

  • Preview a Document
  • Use Basic Print Options
  • Print a Document

Who Should Attend This Course

This course is intended for learners with little or no knowledge of using a word processing application to create and format professional looking letters and reports. For advanced MS Word course, please visit Advanced Microsoft Word course

Assumed Skills

The learner must be able to:

  • operate a Personal Computer, use keyboard and mouse
  • read, write, speak and understand English (Work Place Literacy Level 4 – lower secondary level)

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Course Feature

Course Feature

Course Provider: Olympus Learning Academy Pte. Ltd.
UEN: 201100010Z
Course Reference Number: Private
Mode Of Training: Classroom
Funding Validity Period: Private

FULL COURSE FEE (2-days)$316.10
Singaporean 40 yrs and above$316.10
Singaporean 21-39 yrs / PR


2 days (17 hours)
PSEA Eligible

Available in: English

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