• LADAMER Oligoforce Caviar Ampoule

    Special Ampoule with active ingredients from Caviar providing vitality and firmness to the skin without leaving sticky feeling but moisturized and soft feeling on the skin for a long…

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  • LADAMER Cellpeel Gentle Peeling Gel

    This is a peeling gel which makes the skin smooth and transparent like skin scaling effect by removing dead skin cells & wastes with natural plant extracts and hypoallergenic…

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  • LADAMER Aloe Perfect Cure Gel

    Aloe perfect cure gel with aloe vera extract that gives nourishing and soothing care for the dehydrated and sensitive skin.

    Skin type : For all skin types
    Made in Korea


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  • LADAMER AP Control Ampoule

    Ladamer AP Control Ampoule is for those who are looking for a thorough treatment to simultaneously regulate sebum and care.

    Skin type : oily and trouble skin, skin trouble, skin…

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  • LADAMER Enriched Hydro Ampoule

    It is an intensive moisturizing Ampoule which includes hydrating ingredient developed by new fermentation technical method. Thanks to the ingredient, it prevents skin from harmful environment and dehydration so…

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  • LADAMER Enriched Swiftberry Ampoule(Whitening Functional Cosmetics)

    Swiftberry enriched ampoule that gives concentrative brightening and anti-aging effects by supplying natural brightening and anti-oxidation ingredient in the dark and dull skin due to external environment.

    Skin type :…

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  • LADAMER Enriched Snail Ampoule

    Thanks to Snail ingredient which is enriched with mucopolysaccharide, the product helps to prevent signs of aging.

    Skin type : skin requiring regeneration and nutrition supply, skin requiring prevention of…

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  • LADAMER Enriched Collagen Ampoule

    Collagen enriched ampoule that increases skin elasticity effectively and promote cellular rejuvenation by supplying plenty of nutrition and water in the dry and sagging skin caused by natural aging.


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  • LADAMER Relaxing Massage Cream

    Double effects of nourishing and massage cream for relaxing the tensed and sensitized skin and replenishing with natural nourishing elements.

    Skin type : : For all skin types

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  • LADAMER Cell Clinic BB Cream

    Multi-effect BB Cream for the natural skin tone, soothing and protection effect.

    Skin type : For all skin types

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  • LADAMER Sun Perfect Cure Cream SPF40

    Functional sun cream for blocking UV-A, B, regaining vitality of skin and prevention of aging

    Skin type : For all skin types

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  • LADAMER Intensive Moisturizing Cream

    Intensive Moisturizing cream with ceramide and NMF’s formulated with a high concentration of oriental herb to restore moisture level in a dehydrated skin.

    Skin type : For all skin types

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  • LADAMER Intensive Whitening Cream

    Whitening Cosmeceutical Cream turning the dull skin caused by UV ray and harmful external environments into bright and radiant skin with whitening ingredients such as arbutin, licorice and morus…

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  • LADAMER Intensive Vitalizing Eye Cream

    Highly functional eye cream supplies ample nourishment deep into skin to improve signs of wrinkles to transform into skin resilient and full of vitality.

    Skin type : For all skin…

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  • LADAMER Original Cell Serum

    Ladamer original cell serum is high moisturizing serum helping to soothe sensitive and irritated skin. This special formula absorbs instantly into skin without sticky feeling and provide the skin…

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