Enabling training providers for learners

The importance of job skills acquisition has been on the rise globally. From high tech advanced expertise to competencies in established trades, learners are always seeking industry practitioners to learn from.

However, industry practitioners are often too busy to deal with the administration and logistics of training, which inhibits them from giving their knowledge even if they love to.

This is where we come in to break down the barrier.

How do we enable training providers for learners?


We are always on the lookout for industry practitioners who have practical industry knowledge. Whether they already have ready courses or use our trained curriculum writers to transform their knowledge into courses, we seek to bring these knowledge to learners.


Via the online course portal coursemology.sg, we make it easy for learners to find the course they need to acquire job skills. This also removes training providers’ burden of creating and maintaining web presence for their courses to reach learners online.

Training Facilities

Via Olympus Learning Academy and MSO, we maintain training facilities across Singapore to make it easy for learners to find a class near their home. Our logistic operators set up the classrooms as required by training providers for each vocational training, be it information technology, security, makeup classes etc.

Customer Service

Via Olympus Learning Academy and MSO, we have trained customer service representatives to engage and educate our learners about the courses to take for their desired skills acquisition. This eases the communication between learners and training providers.

Class Arrangements

Scheduling and accommodating the time of trainers and tens of students for each class is an administrative headache for training providers and learners. Skilled executives in Olympus Learning Academy and MSO do this liaison everyday, to the satisfaction of both.

Who we are

Olympus Learning Academy

Olympus Learning Academy Pte Ltd (OLA) was founded in 2011 as an education training centre. In 2016, OLA pivoted the education business towards marketing adult upgrading and upskilling courses for other training providers.

OLA, together with our partner Coursemology who list our clients’ courses on our Coursemology.sg website,  is a one-stop shop solution where we market, provide course information, sales-closures, training facilities, and after-sales support for the training providers. From Coursemology.sg online course platform to infrastructure and admin support, OLA enables training providers to fill and conduct classes in a conducive environment. OLA’s training facilities are conveniently located in Toa Payoh Central, Jurong East Central and Tampines Central, all within 5 minutes walking distance from their respective MRT stations.

Lastly, it is important to note that OLA is not a SkillsFuture Approved Training Organisation (ATO). ATOs are OLA’s clients who engage OLA’s premises and services.

In cooperation with OLA, Coursemology.sg was founded 2017. Traditionally, many training providers use word-of-mouth, booths and flyers to reach their intended students. Coursemology.sg, as an online platform, uses the latest digital marketing to allow training providers to reach their audiences online.

Coursemology.sg generates many enquiries for training providers who have listed their courses with us.


MSO Pte Ltd is a spin-off from Olympus Learning Academy Pte Ltd. MSO Pte Ltd is in-charge of managing the Tampines training facilities in the East of Singapore.