How to Apply for Cleaning Business License in Singapore

Cleaning Licensing in Singapore The cleaning industry indeed plays a crucial role in maintaining a clean and livable environment. The efforts of organizations like the National Environment Agency (NEA) in collaboration with partner agencies and organizations have been instrumental in improving various aspects of the sector. Who requires Cleaning License in Singapore How to get … Read more

Progressive Wage Model for Cleaning Industry

What is Progressive Wage Model? Progressive Wage Model (PWM) maps out a clear career pathway for employee wages to rise along with training and improvements in productivity and standards. PWM is mandatory in certain industries, including the cleaning industry. Progressive Wage Model Cleaning Progressive Wage Model (PWM) cleaning is a mandatory requirement for cleaning companies in Singapore. … Read more

Progressive Wage Model (Expanded Approach and Coverage)

What is Progressive Wage Model? The Progressive Wage Model (PWM) helps to increase wages of workers through upgrading skills and improving productivity. It is implemented via government levers in the cleaning, security and landscape sectors. The PWM covers Singapore citizens and Singapore permanent residents (PRs) in the cleaning and security sectors, as well as landscape companies on … Read more