Food Safety Course Level 3 Chinese 食品安全课程3级

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Course Overview

Food Safety Course Level 3 Chinese 食品安全课程3级 — Follow F&B Safety & Hygiene Policies & Procedures

This course, also known as WSQ Food Hygiene Course level 3 or Food Hygiene Officer Course, is a Singapore Food Agency, SFA accredited course. Participants will be trained to oversee and implement effective food hygiene measures that ensure food is prepared safely and hygienically as required to be a certified food hygiene officer (FHO). Upon successful completion, participants will have the competency to help F&B owners or licensees oversee and enhance the standard of hygiene and sanitation in their F&B premises as required by NEA.


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Why there is a need to have Food Hygiene Officer (FHO)?


The Food and Beverage industry is transiting from an annual grading system to the Safety Assurance for Food Establishment (SAFE) framework. The SAFE framework will come into effect on 1 July 2022 for new licenses. Existing food establishments will transit to the SAFE framework from 1 January 2023 at the point of their license renewal.

By 1 Jan 2023, All category A food establishments must appoint a Food Hygiene Officer (FHO) and if the Category A food establishment wants to get the Gold Tier Award, they need their Food Safety Management System (FSMS) to be certified.

You can find more information under Safety Assurance for Food Establishment (SAFE) Framework.

For Food Safety Management System (FSMS) certification, you can find more information under Food Safety Management Systems 





WSQ Food Safety Course Level 3

Under the SAFE framework, licensees of the following categories of food establishments have been required to appoint a senior staff member (such as a chief chef, sous chef, restaurant manager, operations manager, or supervisor) to be trained as an FHO.

  1. Restaurant (Housed in two or more adjacent units in private and HDB shophouses; or With a kitchen area exceeding 16m2)
  2. Caterer
  3. Canteen
  4. Food Court

You can find more information on training courses for Food Handlers and Food Hygiene Officers under Safety Assurance for Food Establishment (SAFE) Framework.


  1. 餐厅(位于私人和组屋店屋中的两个或更多相邻单元; 或具有超过16平方米的厨房区)
  2. 餐饮服务提供商
  3. 食堂
  4. 食阁


Course Title

Food Safety Course Level 3 (Chinese)

Course Objectives

Learners will learn about food safety practices and regulatory requirements, pre-requisite programs implemented in food establishments, methods used to conduct food safety and hygiene inspection/check, food safety and hygiene lapses and corrective actions, and concepts and principles of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) and Food Safety Management System (FSMS) and be able to apply them at the workplace.



Please wear covered shoes/ 请穿包鞋

Food Safety Course Level 3 (Chinese)

Learning Outcomes/ 学习成果

At the end of the 3-day course, learners will be able to / 在3天的课程结束时,学生们将能学到 :

  1. Conduct food safety and hygiene checks on personal hygiene practices, usage of safe ingredients, safe handling of food, food storage, equipment, and cleanliness of entire premises to identify hygiene lapses and manage non-conformance. / 对个人卫生实践、使用安全原料、安全处理食品、食品储存、设备以及整个场所的清洁度进行食品安全和卫生检查,以识别卫生问题并管理不符合情况。
  2. Understand concepts and principles of Pre-Requisite Programs and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) system. / 了解先决条件程序和危害分析和关键控制点(HACCP)系统的概念和原则。
  3. Implement food safety and hygiene inspection policies and procedures, manage and address nonconformance issues through effective implementation of pre-requisite programs and HACCP-based Food Safety Management System (FSMS). / 实施食品安全和卫生检查政策和程序,通过有效实施先决条件程序和基于HACCP的食品安全管理系统(FSMS),管理和解决不符合问题。

Who Should Attend:

  • Supervisors and managers working in retail and non-retail food establishments. / 在零售和非零售食品场所工作的主管和经理。

How long does the Food Safety Course Level 3 (Chinese) take?

The Food Safety Course Level 3 (Chinese) is a three-day course, covering 21 hours (including assessment). / 食品安全课程三级(中文)是一个为期三天的课程,共21个小时(包括测验).

Food Safety Course Level 3 (Chinese) Assessment Mode

At the end of the course, participants will be required to undergo an assessment for 2 hours which comprises of practical performance (PP), a written assessment that consists of Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQ), and Short Answer Questions (SAQ). / 在课程结束时,学生们将需要进行为期2小时的测验,包括实际测验(PP)、由多项选择题(MCQ)和简答题(SAQ)组成的书面测验以及口试。

  • Multiple Choice/ 多项选择题
  • Written Assessments / 书面测验
  • Practical Assessments / 实际测验
  • Oral Questions / 口试

Food Hygiene Certificate

Learners of “Food Safety Course Level 3” will be awarded a Statement of Attainment (SOA) for Food Safety and Hygiene Level 3, issued by the SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG), after they have sat for the Assessment and been certified Competent. To fulfill the assessment requirement on safety and hygiene, Learners are encouraged to come for the training neatly attired with tidy hair and clean fingernails.

“食品安全课程三级”的学习者将获得由SkillsFuture Singapore(SSG)颁发的食品安全与卫生三级成就证书,证明他们已经参加了评估并被认定具有能力。为了满足安全和卫生的评估要求,来上课时,鼓励学生们整洁着装,头发整齐,指甲干净。

Validity of Food Hygiene Certificate

Food hygiene certificates are valid for a lifetime upon completion. / 食品卫生证书在完成后终身有效

Certificate Check

If you have taken a Singapore food hygiene course before, your past food hygiene certificates can be retrieved from the Skills Passport website.

You can also visit our step-by-step guide – How to Download Food Hygiene Cert

More related information can be found on our Food Safety Blog.

Course Feature

Course Feature

Course Provider: AESTHETICAR PTE. LTD.
UEN: 201400645K
Course Reference Number: TGS-2023019874
Mode Of Training: Classroom
Funding Validity Period: 06 Mar 2023 – 05 Mar 2025

Singaporean 40 yrs and above
Singaporean 21-39 yrs / PR
Duration3 Days
(21 hours)

Available in: English, Chinese 中文

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