10 Points for Communicating Science-Based Food Safety Info

There are a lot of wrong ways on how to convey the science behind your food safety and your food hygiene management system to the customers. To make sure our message is getting true to our customers, there are some points that we need to make sure of. Here are some of the points:

Focus on Facts, Not Fear:What you want to do is to make your customers inform about the food hygiene and food safety approach that your company take rather than make them fear. So use informational message and tone rather than sensationalizing it. This will Prevent panics among your customers

Target Your Audience: Check the background of your customers. What is their age range? What are the education level? What is their socio background? Make use of all these information to tailor your communication style.

Embrace Storytelling: Try to convey the information regarding your foot hygiene and food safety management system in an engaging and storytelling way to illustrate the consequences of unsafe food handling, for example. Embracing the storytelling style for conveying facts will make. the audience happier and more engaged..

Visualize the Science: Sometimes scientific informations are hard to understand. To avoid this problem, you can try to visualize or create some nice infographic, To let your audience be able to understand the message easily.

Highlight the Benefits: Nobody wants to do something that will cost them some efforts without knowing what will they get for it. Always show them what is the benefits of your food hygiene and food safety management system for them?

Address Misconceptions: Sometimes our customers have these misconceptions inside their head about what we do. Our task as business or food business owners is. to clear demise conceptions and show them the right one.

Cite Credible Sources: Try to cite credible sources such as Ministry of Health, or maybe some medical journals, or some health journals from reputable universities to back up your claims and your explanation.

Promote Actionable Steps: So now you have explained what is the background and what will they get from your management system of food hygiene and food safety. The next step is to tell your customers what should they do? What actionable steps they shall do to get the benefits.

Leverage Multiple Platforms: There are a lot of social medias out there. And the customers Fragmented true difference on cell medias according to their preferences. That’s why it is important for you to go and spread your messages in multiple social medias, all at once to cater for all the channels possible.

Embrace Transparency: If your knowledge is limited, just admit it and be open about it. If the information that you have will Create some customers be uncomfortable, also communicate it with them. The key is be transparent with them and they will respect you and your business more.

So there are the points that you can and you should take care of while communicating the science bait, foot hygiene and food safety information. By following these steps, you will convey the information in a way that is clear and engaging to the customers, while at the same time giving them choices and more trust to your company.