Keep Your Kitchen Fresh and Hygienic

Having a good, clean, and tidy kitchen will help us to always get hygienic food that is safe to be consumed. Which will make our body strong and also healthy. The problem is how to make up our kitchen so it’s always ready to produce hygienic and healthy meals for us? To check out these ten tips from us.

1. Declutter and Deep Clean. Don’t just stack the unused items. Declutter it, take out the stack and clean it up. Don’t let the unused items be the breeding ground of bacteria. Clean up as soon as possible to prevent grime. buildup.

2. Cleaning should be done regularly. Routinely wipe these surfaces, clean all the spills and always empty the trash bin. These three are some of the most bacteria prone items in the kitchen.

3. Store your food properly. Organize the fridge and pantry to make sure the food is always fresh and to prevent contaminations.

4. Clean your cutting board. Cutting board is one of the most used items in the kitchen. And it’s also one of the most in contact with other ingredients. So it’s not surprising if the cutting board collect a lot of bacteria and contaminations from all those meat fruits and veggies. Clean it up as soon as possible after you used it.

5. Wash your hands. Not only the cutting board, but your hands also contain a lot of bacteria. Have you touched your phone lately? Or maybe you touch some money or any other dirty places? Now you got my point, right?

6. Disinfect the sponges and dishcloths. Sponge that you use to clean dishes, and also the dishcloths that you use to dry the dishes, Both of them are actually the breeding ground for a lot of grimes. Pick those up, soak in soap water, clean up.

7. Proper ventilation is a must. Not only the things that physically touch us, or touching the foods and other ingredients, The air circulation in kitchen also plays a role in keeping hygienic and safe food. Make sure the ventilation is good and also clean from dusts.

8. Minimize the smell. Unluckily, however we try to maintain our kitchen as soon as possible, the dirt and also grimes will always be there, even only in small amount. And those will create that smell in the kitchen. Try to clean it up with baking soda, vinegar or citrus peels To kill the bacteria and remove those stingy odors. If you have a problem with lingering food smells, this also one of the best way to remove the smell.

9. Clean the appliances. Make sure to regularly clean your oven, microwave and other appliances. Regular cleaning and maintenance is one of the key to make sure the kitchen always hygienic and safe to be used.

10. Clean the garbage disposal. Not only the garbage or the trash that we need to remove from the kitchen, But the garbage disposal itself have to be. So, if you have a trash bin that hasn’t been cleaned for some months, make sure you make a time to clean it up by tomorrow.

So that’s the 10 things that you can do to make sure the kitchen is clean and healthy. Need more healthy kitchen tips? Enroll in our food hygiene course and our food safety course to know more about these!