Basic Car Maintenance Class

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SkillsFuture Credit
PSEA , UTAP Eligible

Course Overview

Basic Car Maintenance Course with Hands-on Experience

Course Title

Basic Car Maintenance with Hands-on

Course Objective

If you’re a driver who’s trying to save money, good luck. Each time something goes wrong with your car, you drive to the workshop with that sinking feeling that the mechanic is once again going to fleece you of hundreds or thousands of dollars. And there’s nothing you can do because you have no idea what’s going on.  Take a course in car maintenance and at the very least, you’ll be able to save a bit of money on routine oil changes and the like.

This Basic Car Maintenance Class course is conducted at real life Ubi car workshop, with actual hands-on experience on an actual car.

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At the end of the course, learners will be able to:

  • LO1: Describe the functions and operations of internal and peripheral systems found in Class 3 vehicles
  • LO2: Interpret fault codes and different warning indicators
  • LO3: Conduct checks and inspections to verify the working conditions of various parts of the Class 3 vehicle and its peripheral equipment
  • LO4: Perform preventive maintenance and tests to ensure operational readiness
  • LO5: Apply appropriate techniques to determine the causes of faults
  • LO6: Rectify faults using correct techniques, procedures, tools and equipment
  • LO7: Verify the performance of the car part/s or equipment after maintenance

Basic Car Maintenance Class

Course Content

This course will equip learners with the essential skills and knowledge to effectively carry out preventive maintenance, serviceability checks and first-level corrective maintenance on cars. It will cover the functions, operations, maintenance tasks, common problems, and causes of problems for the internal and peripheral systems found in Class 3 vehicles. It is an entry level course that is also suitable for learners who are aspiring to pick up vehicular maintenance know-how.

Lesson Plan

9am to 1pm : Class Theory

3 Months / 5,000 Km

  • Tire pressures
  • Hoses
  • Belt(s)
  • Interior and exterior cleanliness

6 Months / 10,000 Km

  • Oil and Filter Change
  • Tire rotation
  • Lights
  • Fuel filter
  • Battery
  • Cabin and Engine Air Filters
    • How to change a cabin air filter
    • How to change an engine air filter
  • Wiper Blades

12 Months / 20,000 Km

  • Synthetic Oil and Filter Change
  • Alignment
  • Brakes

Toyota Car Tips and Car Advice

  • Fuel Economy — Car Tips
  • Fuel Economy — Driving Tips
  • Car Tips Basics – What to Have in Case Your Car Breaks Down
  • What to Keep in a Roadside Emergency
  • The Best Car Advice

Basic Car Maintenance Tips & Services Checklist

  • Don’t Skip Scheduled Car Maintenance Services
  • Read Your Owner’s Manual
  • The Importance of Oil Changes
  • Use the Correct Octane Rating
  • Check Your Tire Pressure
  • Get Your Tires Rotated
  • Check Out Your Car
  • Learn Your Vehicle’s Warning Lights
  • Get Your Car’s Fluids Checked
  • Ask About Serpentine and Timing Belts
  • Check Your Car Battery
  • Don’t Wait to Replace Wipers
  • Replace the Engine Air Filter
  • Check Your Spark Plugs
  • Check Your Brake Pads
  • Wash Your Car
  • Be Nice To Your Car

Choosing the Best Fuel-Efficient Vehicles

  • Know What You Need From Your Car
  • Consider Engine Size
  • Consider a Hybrid
  • Compare Models Online
  • Fuel Economy and EPA Ratings
  • Buy a New Hybrid

2pm to 6pm: Hands-On Practical

  • What are monthly checks and why are they important
  • Monthly Fluid Checks- Don’t just check the gas gauge.
  • Tips on selecting radiator coolant
  • Serpentine belt inspection
  • Checking and replacing headlights, turn signals, brake lights
  • Battery Maintenance-Get the most out of your cars battery.
  • Air Filter Inspection and replacement
  • Checking tire pressure and inspecting the treads for wear
  • Proper placement of Jack Stands
  • Selecting an Oil filter and the oil
  • How to do an oil change
  • How to change the spark plugs
  • How to change a flat tire
  • Fix your own flat tire
  • The proper way to Jump Start a car

Minimum Entry Requirement

Entry Requirements

  • At least 16 years old
  • Have minimum primary school education
  • Have a basic knowledge of the Singapore Workplace Safety and Health requirements
  • Able to speak, listen, write, and read English with Numeracy skills at a minimum proficiency level of the Employability Skills Workforce Skills Qualification i.e., Workplace Literacy and Numeracy (WPLN) Level 3
  • No prior maintenance/technical work experience required

Other car maintenance course includes Buying, Owning, Driving and Selling a Car in Singapore

Course Feature

Course Feature

Course Provider: Aestheticar Pte. Ltd.
UEN: 201400645K
Course Reference Number: TGS-2022014683
Mode Of Training: Classroom
Funding Validity Period: 20 Jul 2022 – 19 Jul 2024

Singaporean 40 yrs and above$101.40
Singaporean 21-39 yrs / PR$153.40
Duration1 Day
(8 Hours)
Skillfuture and UTAP Eligible.

Available in: English

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