Microsoft Office Excel 365 Course (Latest)

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SkillsFuture Credit Eligible
PSEA Eligible

Course Overview

Microsoft Excel Course in Singapore trains learners in the basic concept of spreadsheets and demonstrates the ability to use a spreadsheet application.

Through this Microsoft office training, learners will understand and be able to accomplish tasks associated with developing, formatting, modifying, and using a spreadsheet and standard formulas and functions, and demonstrate competence in creating and formatting graphs or charts. Microsoft Excel will be used in this training.

This course is Skillsfuture eligible.

Course Objectives

On completion of this Microsoft office Excel course,  each learner will be able to:

  • Work with spreadsheets and save them in different file formats;
  • Choose built-in options such as the Help function within the application to enhance productivity;
  • Enter data into cells and use good practice in creating lists. Select, sort and copy, move and delete data;
  • Edit rows and columns in a worksheet. Copy, move, delete and appropriately rename worksheets;
  • Create mathematical and logical formulas using standard spreadsheet functions. Use good practice in formula creation and recognise error values in formulas;
  • Format numbers and text content in a spreadsheet;
  • Choose, create and format charts to communicate information meaningfully;
  • Adjust spreadsheet page settings and check and correct spreadsheet content before finally printing spreadsheets;

Course Title

Workplace Productivity using Excel

Minimum Entry Requirements

Learners are encouraged to:

  • Have basic knowledge on own work role and the corresponding responsibilities and limitations
  • Have minimum primary school education 
  • Develop Writing, Reading, Listening and Speaking of English to a proficiency level equivalent to Workplace Literacy and Numeracy (WPLN) Level 2
  • Develop Numeracy skills to a proficiency level equivalent to Workplace Literacy and Numeracy (WPLN) Level 2
  • Have some work experience preferred.

Our staff and course consultants attending course enquirers would screen interested trainees whether they fulfill the course pre-requisites which include the above WPLN levels. Learners who do not meet the WPLN Levels would be encouraged to take up the appropriate WPLN courses.

Course Outline

Course Outline

1. Overview of Module

2. Getting Started

  • Features and uses of a spreadsheet application
  • Start and exit spreadsheet application
  • Create a workbook
  • Open and close a workbook
  • Switch between workbooks
  • Save a workbook
  • The Excel Screen
  • Display Toolbar/Ribbons
  • Use magnification/zoom
  • Set basic options/preferences
  • Use Help function

3. Insert Data and Select Cells

  • Enter text, numbers and date
  • Move around a worksheet
  • Cell selection techniques

4. Edit and Sort Data

  • Edit cell contents
  • Use Undo and Redo commands
  • Use Find and Replace commands
  • Sort data

5. Copy, Move and Delete Cell Contents

  • Use copy/cut and paste
  • Using Clipboard
  • Paste Special

6. Rows and Columns

  • Insert and delete rows and columns
  • Insert and delete cell
  • Modify column width and row heights
  • Freeze and unfreeze rows and column

7. Worksheets

  • Turn on/off display of gridlines
  • Switching between worksheets
  • Select worksheets
  • Insert and delete worksheets
  • Copy, move and rename worksheets

8. Formulas

  • Create formula (Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide)
  • Using mathematical operators (=, -, *, /)
  • Enter a formula
  • Use cell references in formula

9. Functions

  • Using Functions
  • Use AutoSum
  • Use AVERAGE, COUNT, MAX, MIN, COUNTA and ROUND functions
  • Use Logical function
  • Relative and absolute referencing
  • Display and print formulas
  • Common error messages in formula

10. Formatting

  • Format number and text
  • Using Format Painter

11. Charts

  • Create a chart
  • Move, re-size and delete a chart
  • Edit a chart

12. Worksheet Setup

  • Use the Spell-check command
  • Adjust page options
  • Add Header and Footer
  • Change sheet display options

13. Printing

  • Preview a worksheet
  • Use basic print options
  • Set print area

Who Should Attend This Microsoft Excel Course

This course is intended for learners with little or no knowledge of using a spreadsheet application. For more advanced excel course, please visit the Advanced Excel course

Additional Note

Attendance requirement: min 75% attendance

Course completion requirements: Fulfill at least 75% min attendance and pass assessments – competent (Refer to mode of assessment for details)


Participants who fulfil all requirements will be certified with a Statement of Attainment (SOA) issued by the SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG).

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Course Feature

Course Feature

Course Provider: Associates Consulting Pte. Ltd.
UEN: 200006697N
Course Reference Number: TGS-2023038568
Mode Of Training: Classroom
Funding Validity Period: 27 Sep 2023 – 26 Sep 2025

Singaporean 40 yrs and above$163.80
Singaporean 21-39 yrs / PR$247.80
Duration2 Days

Available in: English

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