Design Principles In Building Constructions

Throughout the building life, we should always consider how the design of building correlate to the construction process, and vice versa. Because the process of building a construction will definitely shape how. the interior and the exterior design of the building that we are working on.

Design principles are really foundation to make our building construction not only strong and usable, but also aesthetically pleasing. So, it’s important for us to always check the correlation between the two and to maintain the optimal solution to get a nice and functional design.

Here are some points that we should consider regarding this matter:

Space Planning

We shook always consider the space planning as the first step when designing an interior space of a building. Inefficient space planning will make the interior look bad and also feels bad because of the awkward positioning of stuff, or maybe of the awkward sizing and positioning of rooms.

Good space planning will maximize the limited space available inside the building and also at the same time Give that Spacey room feel, even though the size of the room is not that big.

Acoustic Design

Another thing to consider is the acoustic design of the building. She’ll always plan where we need some space to be quiet, and where we need the sound to be louder. We always also think about where we want the sounds to be echoed, and where we don’t want any echo. This is really important because bad sound will really disturb ears and impair comfort.

Sustainable Design and Development

Sustainable design garnered its popularity in the recent years. And that’s because we as human finally understand the importance of having a sustainable building and sustainable lifestyle for our future and the future of next generations. We as interior designers and also construction people should also incorporate this mindset into our work.

Trying to plan to use sustainable stuffs or sustainable materials in every design and every constructional building that we are working on. It’s not always need to be 100 percent, but just use as much as possible, because the sustainable design and sustainable construction that we create will be an example for the visitors and those who take a look at our work. In effect, a lot of eyes will see our work as example on how to incorporate green building and green design.

Just consider this as some small little things that we can do to help the future of our beloved earth.

Material Selection

Material selection is another thing that we should always keep an eye to. Incorrect selection of materials will make the building unsightly, or maybe the durability will be decreased. Or at least it will make the comfort level of using the aforementioned design and building will be decreased.

Lighting Design

Lighting design is also another point that we should underline. This is because using the correct lighting design will make the ambience off the room correct too. Using wrong color of lamb or maybe using wrong design of the lam will absolutely affect the coziness and the sight of our building.

Interior Finishing

Let’s not forget about the interior of our building. No design is called a good design if the finishing is not done right, even though the previous works are all excellent. The same thing applies with the construction work. No construction work is called a good construction work if the finishing part is bad.

Building Codes and Regulations

Building codes and regulations are really, really important if you want to make your design and construction business. be able to continue in the future. Every country, or maybe every city has their own building codes and regulations. This may include the design of buildings and also the construction, or maybe the location and area size, It can even be the regulation of the height, or even materials that can or cannot be used.

The regulations can also be informed of a particular knowledge or skills that have to be understood by all the people involved. Here in Singapore, we have Construction Safety Orientation Course to make sure everyone that is involved in the building or construction project know about the safety and health ion construction projects.

Accessibility and Universal Design

Not everyone is lucky Enough to have a complete working body. Some of us have to endure some pains, some of us also need accessibility features to help them Move to be able to move freely, etc. In the process of design and construction of building, we really need to make sure those that need special help from us also get the special help that they need through our design and construction work.

Do we miss some points in here? Drop your comments to let us know.