Extra Layer of Security: Cyber and Physical

Everybody knows that there are two types of security, physical security and cyber security. Most of the time companies will only focus on one type of these security. However, actually, they need both of them because the two are intertwined and integral parts. None of them is just an extra, again, not an extra. Both of them are needed to bolster one another.

So how come we can make both physical security and cyber security complement each other and not just being an extra layer of security? Here’s how:

Cybersecurity for Physical Security:

– Access control: Companies can use multi factor authentication or MFA To give another extra layer of security on top of physical key cards or codes This make the security breaches harder for the intruders.

– Monitoring and Alerts: Add some security cameras and sensors that can be monitored remotely. This will help to allow quicker responses Should any suspicious activity happens

– Secure Gateways: Set up a firewall, or maybe some firewalls. Also implement intrusion detection system to prevent an authorized access to our network that controls the physical security systems.

– Employee Training: Having the insistent install isn’t enough, Because the system will only be as good as the user itself. So, try to educate your staff, give them training on cybersecurity to reduce the risk of cyber-attacks that gain access through physical means. And also, to prevent social engineering attack that gain some tractions in recent years.

– Data Encryption: Give an extra layer to your physical security by adding some data encryption. That way, if somehow a physical breach occurs, your data will be safe because the intruder cannot decrypt your data easily.

Physical Security for Cybersecurity:

– Server Room Protection: You may have the best firewall and WAF protection. However, if people can easily go to your surfer room then your data is really at a big risk. So install some secure doors and cameras to Safe got your critical surfers from temporary and intrusions.

– Device Security: Limit the physical access to important devices like laptops and desktops to prevent Malware installations By intruders or maybe any data theft.

– Visitor Management: Make sure to registers every visitor that goes to our perimeter. Control their access, also control their routes. Do not let any unauthorized individuals entering your company’s sensitive areas.

– Backup Power: Data security problem not only comes from intrusion or hacking from some irresponsible individuals. Data security and data integrity problem can also happen from the failure of our system. For example, the failure of our electrical supply system. Make sure that the company have a backup power system in place, like using some diesel generator or using some UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply)

– Incident Response: Should any interruption or intrusion happened, make sure that you have a good incident response iIn place. You can have some physicsal measures like lockdown procedures in place to prevent any further damage.


So those are some ways that we can use to make security in form of physical security and cybersecurity. Work together, not just being an extra layer of one another. Interested to learn more? Check out our about cyber security courses and security officer courses. Also please check out our most popular courses.