Good Hygiene Practices and Food Safety Awareness Is a Must

Food hygiene practices and food safety awareness are often neglected by a lot of food businesses, even though they know that ensuring food safety is paramount for protecting against foodborne illnesses. This is simply because food hygiene and food safety sometimes mean additional cost for the business. However, these two are very important things, because if we neglect these two things we will face some serious problems. And the problems can make us lose more money than what we can save.

And not all about money there are many more reasons to keep the food hygiene and food safety in check. Here are some more reasons why food handlers and businesses need to heed good hygiene practices and food safety awareness:

– Prevent foodborne illnesses. With proper food hygiene and safety measures, we can stop the spread of harmful bacteria, crazy viruses and parasites, that otherwise can make our consumers ill. Having a lot of customers sick after eating in our food business is not good. It’s not a good thing and not a good marketing of course.

– Protect public health. Bad and dirty food is harmful to the public health. Moreover, if the consumers are elderly or children, then they increase will be multiplied. Taking a good care in food handling, safeguards the community’s health and this benefits us all.

– Increased trust from customers. No customer want to see dirty and unhygienic food. They want to see clean and clear food stalls serving them their favorite food. With a clean and healthy food business process customers will be happier, and they tend to go back to the business more often.

– Reduce legal risk. Have you ever read about some businesses shut down by the government due to some health problems it caused? Or maybe you ever saw some news about a business getting fined by the authority? That’s exactly why you have to take a good care of food hygiene and safety.

– Improve business reputation. This is a little bit the same point, like the previous one. Clean product will improve our brand, attract customers and strengthen our brand image.

– Minimize food spoilage. Dirty environment is a really good reading ground for bacteria. While it is good for them, the bacteria, It’s not good for us as a business. More bacteria mean more food becomes spoiled and that costs us a lot.

– Boost staff morale. Nobody wants to work in a dirty, dark and slimy place. Moreover, if the air circulation is bad and smell is like a trash can. With that being said, the vice versa is true. Everybody loves to work in a clean and bright place with a good air circulation and smells really-really nice,

– Encourage responsible practices. By promoting awareness and food hygiene, plus food safety practices in the business, It will train the whole employees to be disciplined in maintaining their hygiene. This can also be brought to their home so they can encourage the anno family to also be hygienic all the time.

– Align with regulations. If you are aligned with the regulation in your city, you will be saved. To relax your mind from? the fear of being sued by the customers or the city because of hygiene problem.

Do you have any other idea about why we should really keep an eye to this matter? Leave your comment below! 🙂