Why Food Business Must Adheres to Health and Safety Standards?

A lot of food businesses try to cut cost and take shortcuts by neglecting the health and safety standards. They think that by disregarding the health and safety standards, they can make more money. So basically, they are trying to neglect a lot of things that we tried to teach in our WSQ Food Hygiene Course and WSQ Food Safety Course Level 1, with a hope to get a lot of bucks quickly.

However, the result can be the opposite. Actually, doing that can make their business suffers, faces backlash and even getting legal complaints. That’s one of the reasons why we really emphasize that food businesses should adheres to health and safety standards. And what are the other reasons? Here they are:

Protect Consumer Health: Protecting the consumer health should be a priority for food businesses. Not following the health and safety standards such as neglecting the food hygiene system can bring foodborne illnesses. This is because the safety standards outline a lot of procedures to prevent contaminations like that, which called harm your customers. So, if you try to not follow the strict rules, the result. can be predicted.

Prevent Foodborne Illness Outbreaks: Outbreak is a big thing, even a “small” outbreak is not a small thing. Following this stringent standard of health and safety in food businesses, wheel minimizes the risk of incidents that they make your customers sick, which in turns will turn this or diminish your hard-earned reputation.

Legal Compliance: By not following the foot safety regulations you are actually killing yourself slowly, or in this case you are killing your own business. This is simply because food safety regulations are not optional things. They are compulsory, mandatory, legally binding. If you fail to meet these standards, you can face some legal repercussions in form of fines, license suspensions, and you can also get the business closure. Do you really want to get that?

Enhanced Brand Reputation: Customers will love to talk about how a food business is really clean, is really hygienic, is really healthy, is really safe. This kind of word-of-mouth marketing will really, really, impact your business. The problem is, will the world of mouth marketing be against you or with you? Of course, you want this kind of word-of-mouth marketing brings a good light to your business. Carrying a lot about the foot hygiene and safety and health will. positions your brain and business as one that prioritizes your customers’ well-being.

Improved Customer Loyalty: happy customer will be loyal to business. So, if you make them happy by giving them good, healthy, hygienic food, they will be a loyal customer to your business. And vice versa of course.

Operational Efficiency: Held and safety standards not only talk or manage about the hygienic system only. A lot of times they will also help us to practice. standardized and streamline foot handling and storage processes. What’s the effect to our business? This in turn will reduces waste, improves our business consistency, and can help us to save money and time in the long run.

Reduced Risk of Product Recalls: Foot businesses that don’t. emphasis health and safety aspect of their business will have a lot of product recalls or rejected. Which one do you think will have better outcome and less recall: kitchen with expired products or the one with fresh products? Which one will have more complaints, and which one will have less complaints?

Improved Employee Morale: Adhering to health and safety standards will not only benefit your customers, it will also benefit your employees. You can feel and you will feel the boosted employee morale and the reduced risk of workplace illnesses.

Stronger Insurance Coverage: For this point, maybe this cannot be applied in general. But there are some insurance companies that want or even encourage better rates or better coverage to food businesses with a good track record, a proven track record, of adhering to the local governments safety and. safety and health standard.

Competitive Advantage: Customers are getting smarter; they know which businesses prioritize them and which and businesses only take advantage of them. By strictly following the health and safety standards, giving them healthy and hygienic food, your customers will surely fill your commitment to quality. This, in turn will make them prefer you than your competitor.

So, what’s The government’s food hygiene, health and safety standards? There are so much to gain and nothing to lose by following these.