Registration of Drone / Unmanned Aircraft in Singapore

Table of contents

  1. Who Can / Should Register Their Drone
  2. Purchase of Registration Label
  3. Online Registration of UA
  4. De-registration of UA
  5. Related Articles

Who Should / Can Register Their Drone in Singapore

Based on Weight

All UA with a total weight exceeding 250g must be registered with CAAS before flying.

Based on Age

The minimum age required for drone registration in Singapore is 16. For a person below 16 years old, he/she needs to obtain the permission of the eligible registrant of an UA (e.g. his parent or legal guardian who is at least 16 years old) to operate the UA. The eligible registrant will be responsible for the safe operation of the UA.

Registration Process

  1. Purchase a registration label bearing a unique UA registration number and prominently display it on the exterior of a non-removable part of the drone (not on the battery or propellers); and
  2. Complete the online registration.

Purchase of Drone Registration Labels

How to Purchase

There are a few methods of purchasing the registration labels:

  • Online; or
  • Over the counter at designated SingPost post offices, as shown in the map below.

Note that it will take up to 5 working days for the registration label to be delivered to a local mailing address.

Additional Note for Foreign Operators

You must first apply for a UAPass account at the online UA Portal. The processing time of the UAPass takes about 5 working days. Therefore, it is recommended that you apply for your UAPass account prior to your visit to Singapore.

You can order the registration label online, but it cannot be shipped to international addresses. 

Anyone who is not a Singaporean citizen or permanent resident may order only one label and will be required to apply for additional labels. 

You can purchase the registration label over the counter at designated SingPost outlets. For over-the-counter purchases, the following is required:

a)      Completed physical copy of the UA Registration Label Purchase Form; and

b)      Original and photocopy of your Passport.

You may also purchase the registration label online. However, you will need a local address as the delivery is only within Singapore. After you have affixed the registration label on your UA, log in to the online UA Portal with your UAPass account to complete the registration.

Required Documents

The required documents for registration are:

  • Online
    • Digital Copy of the purchaser’s photo identification
  • Over the Counter
    • Physical copy of completed UA Registration Label Purchase Form
    • Original and Photocopy of the purchaser’s photo identification (NRIC, FIN, SAF11B and passport are accepted)

Purchasing Limits and Fee

Singapore Citizens or Permanent Residents

  • Maximum purchase of 5 labels

Not a Citizen or PR

  • Maximum purchase of 1 label

*Note: A person who wants to purchase more than the limit may write to CAAS ( to request for additional labels, acceptance being based on a case-by-case basis.

Each Registration Label is $15.

Online Registration of UA

The online drone registration of your UA in Singapore involves the following steps:

  1. Affix the UA registration label on the exterior of a non-detachable part of the UA (e.g. top surface of the main body). It must be clearly visible. The registration label must not be pasted on removable parts e.g. battery, landing legs, remote controller, or propellers.
  2. Login to the online UA portal 
  3. Submit the following information
    • Personal Particulars
    • Brand, Model, Weight, Frequency, Serial No. of the UA
    • Photograph of UA affixed with the registration label
    • Unique Identification number listed on the registration label

De-registration of UA

The registrant must de-register his UA with CAAS at the online UA portal if

  • the UA is lost or damaged beyond repair
  • registration label is damaged or illegible
  • UA is sold or given to another person

If ownership of UA is transferred to another person, a new registration label must be obtained and a new online registration performed. Upon de-registration, registrant should remove the de-registered label from the UA and destroy the label.

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