Young Coders Bootcamp

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Course Overview

Young Coders Bootcamp

Interested in exploring programming in a fun and visual way?

Designed by NUS graduates, this 4-session series brings you through programming concepts and how to think like a programmer using a specialised hardware tool that helps you visualise the results of your program. Each session has hands-on activities that build upon another, and at the end of the series, you will come out of it having built a small application of your own imagination. Absolutely no programming experience is needed, all are welcome.

Course Title

Young Coders Bootcamp

Course Objectives

At Course Completion

  • Learn what is programming Computational thinking – how to think like a programmer Foundational programming concepts – for example, variable assignment and control structures.
  • You will build your own small application demonstrating the concepts learned.
  • You will be able to make use of computational thinking approaches to solve real-world problems, beyond those in the programming world.


  • Students will have to bring their own laptops (Windows, Mac or Chromebook) and have administrator privileges on their accounts. Please install Google Chrome browser prior to the start of the course.
  • Recommended age: At least Secondary 2

About the instructors

Your 2 instructors for this course graduated from NUS with a Bachelor in Engineering in Computer Engineering and have industry experience in global tech companies as software engineers. Young and energetic with a passion for helping people explore the world of computers, we strive to make this learning journey fun, accessible, and rewarding.

Young Coders Bootcamp

Course Outline

  • Setting up your programming environment.
  • Complete a beginner activity to run a program.
SESSION 2: PROGRAMMING CONCEPTS 1 – Variable assignment and loops
  • Decomposing problems into smaller problems and solving them using programming concepts learnt.
  • Complete hands-on problems that make use of loops.
SESSION 3: PROGRAMMING CONCEPTS 2 – Control structures and functions
  • Designing an algorithm to solve a problem.
  • Complete hands-on problems making use of control structures and functions.
  • Building on completed solutions from sessions 1 and 2.
  • Complete hands-on problems using all concepts learned Develop your own problem Build solutions for your self-designed problem with the help of your instructors.

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Coding Bootcamp Singapore
Duration4 days
over 4 weeks
(12 hrs)

Available in: English

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