Employment Act Course

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Course Overview

Employment Law Training

The Employment Act is the key legislature governing employment contracts in Singapore. It stipulates the basic terms and conditions of employment that organisations must abide by. It is essential for any HR practitioners and anyone who has to operate the Employment Act in the workplace to have an in-depth understanding of its interpretation and application. An up-to-date knowledge of the law will keep your organisation from infringements. In addition, it will help you make timely advice and quality decision for management.

This course is designed to keep you up-to-date on the legislative and regulatory changes that influence organisations. After the course, you will be confident to interpret the Act and apply it correctly. For business owners and employers, this would keep you well-advised to ensure that your business is in order and compliant with employment regulations.

After the workshop, you will be able to:

  • Understand the legislation that governs human capital relations in Singapore and its provisions
  • Interpret the Employment Act and its clauses competently, and apply them correctly
  • Appreciate the implications of various provisions
  • Keep up to date with the latest amendments to the Act
  • Review company HR policy and practices

Course Title

The Employment Act

Course Outline.

  • Key Features and Definition
    – Overview of the Parts and Sections
    – Illegal Terms
    – Contract of Service versus Contract for Service
    – Workman, Non-Workmen & PME (Professional, Managers and Executives)
    – Who are protected by the Act?
    – Who are not covered under the Act?
    – Are PMEs protected by the Act?
  • Rest Days, Hours of Work and Other Conditions of Service
    – Working hours
    – Rest Day
    – Annual Leave
  • Retrenchment
    – Retrenchment Benefits
    – Retirement Benefits (and Cross Reference to Retirement and Re-Employment Act)
  • Payment of Salary
    – Salary Period and Time of Payment
    – Salary Computation
    – Cross Reference to Income Tax Act
    – Authorised and Unauthorised Deductions
    – Computation of Salary for Work on Rest Day
    – Hours of Work and Overtime Pay Computation
  • Termination
    – Termination of Contract with notice and without notice
    – Notice of Termination of Contract
    – Dismissal and Misconduct of Employees
    – Cross Reference to TAFEP guidelines
    – TADM and ECT (Employment Claim Tribunals)
  • Holidays and Sick Leave Entitlements
    – Holiday Benefits
    – Computation of Salary for Work on Public Holiday
    – Sick Leave and Hospitalisation Leave Entitlement
    – Sick Leave Entitlement During Probation & After Confirmation
  • Maternity Leave and Childcare Leave
    – Maternity Benefits
    – Childcare Leave
    – Cross Reference to Childcare Development Co-savings Act
  • Other Regulatory Changes
    – Key Employment Terms (KETs)
    – Itemised Payslip
    – Keeping Employees Record
Course Feature

Course Feature

Course Provider: EON Consulting & Training Pte. Ltd.
UEN: 201301501N
Course Reference Number: TGS-2020500527
Mode Of Training:
Funding Validity Period: 22 Feb 2019 – 20 Feb 2025

Singaporean 40 yrs and above$654.00
Singaporean 21-39 yrs / PR$654.00
Duration14 Hours

Available in: English

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