Sake Appreciation Workshop

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Course Overview

Sake Tasting Workshop

Elevate your appreciation for the art of sake and indulge in an unforgettable sensory experience at our exclusive Sake Appreciation Workshop with Sake Tasting. Suitable for corporate events and sake enthusiasts alike to join us on a captivating journey into the enchanting world of sake. Join us for an extraordinary sensory journey where you’ll immerse yourself in the rich traditions and exquisite flavors of this revered Japanese beverage. Unravel the secrets of sake making, explore its diverse range of flavors, and gain a deeper understanding of sake classification. Indulge in a curated selection of premium sake during our guided tasting session. Elevate your appreciation for the sake and join us for an unforgettable experience that will leave you with a newfound love for this exceptional libation. Cheers to an extraordinary Sake Appreciation Workshop!

Sake appreciation workshop in Singapore with sake tasting & training in sake selection and evaluation knowledge. Suitable for beginners.

Workshop Title

Introduction to Sake

Course Objectives

On completion of this workshop, participants will be able to appreciate Sake and have the knowledge and skills in appreciating Sake and be able to apply them at the workplace.

  1. Knowledge of the characteristic of Sake taste & ingredients
  2. Basic knowledge of how Sake is made
  3. Knowledge of sake classification based on rice polishing rate
  4. Knowledge aroma & flavor of sake

Sake Appreciation Course

Course Content

Part 1

  • Japanese Sake Export Trend
  • Top Sake Export Destinations
  • What is Sake
  • What does Sake taste like?
  • Sake Ingredients:
    • Rice / Water / Koji / Yeast

Part 2

  • Sake Making Process
    • Alcohol Conversion Process
    • How sake is made – Video
  • Sake Classification
  • Rice Milling Rate
  • Premium Sake Classification
  • Top Sake Rice
  • How to read sake label
    • Font & Back
    • Sake Meter Value (SMV)
    • Sake Acidity

Part 3

  • The Aroma of Sake
  • Aroma profile
  • What is Umami

Part 4

  • Sake Tasting

Benefits of Workshop

  1. Learn and taste a variety of 5 Sake
  2. Learn how to pair sake with food


3 hours

Entry Requirements

Singapore’s Legal Drinking Age of 18 and above only

Trainer Profile

Loo Hee Jin


SSI International – International Tasting Sommelier

Wine & Spirits Education Trust (WSET) – Level 3 Award in Sake

Work Experience

Suntory Limited (Tokyo, Japan)

Singha Corporation (Bangkok, Thailand)

The Edrington Group (Singapore)

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Course Feature

Course Feature

Course Provider: Loo Hee Jin
Course Reference Number: Private
Mode Of Training: Face to Face
Funding Validity Period: Private

FULL FEE$140.00
Duration3 hours

Available in: English

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