Food Safety Course Level 1 (Malay)

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SkillsFuture Credit / Mid Career Eligible
UTAP Eligible

Course Overview

Kursus Keselamatan Makanan Tahap 1 — Ikuti Polisi & Prosedur Keselamatan & Kebersihan F&B

Kursus Keselamatan Makanan Tahap 1 / Kursus Asas Kebersihan Makanan WSQ ialah kursus Agensi Makanan Singapura, SFA yang diiktiraf. Peserta akan dilatih dalam asas keselamatan dan kebersihan makanan yang diperlukan untuk menjadi pengendali makanan yang bertauliah. Setelah berjaya, peserta akan mempunyai kecekapan untuk bekerja di dapur, penjaja, industri makanan dan minuman seperti yang dikehendaki oleh NEA.

Mulai 30 November 2020, Agensi Makanan Singapura (SFA), bersama SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG), telah menyemak semula Kursus Asas Kebersihan Makanan dan menamakannya sebagai Kursus Keselamatan Makanan Tahap 1.

Bahan latihan, Slaid pembentangan dan Pentaksiran dalam Bahasa Melayu

Food Safety Course Level 1 — Follow F&B Safety & Hygiene Policies & Procedures

Food Safety Course Level 1 / WSQ Basic Food Hygiene Course is a Singapore Food Agency, SFA accredited course. Participants will be trained in the basics of food safety and hygiene required to be a certified food handler. Upon successful completion, participants will have the competency to work in kitchens, hawkers, food and beverage industry as required by NEA.

From 30 November 2020, the Singapore Food Agency (SFA), together with SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG), have revised the Basic Food Hygiene Course and renamed it as Food Safety Course Level 1.

Available in English, Malay and Chinese Mandarin.

WSQ 食品卫生课程 – 新加坡

食品卫生课程为参与者提供有关食品安全和良好卫生习惯的相关知识与培训。课程包括卫生课程考试与卫生课程证书。预知详情请点击 FREE ENQUIRY 按钮询问。

如果要参加中文的WSQ 食品卫生课程,请到WSQ Basic Food Hygiene Course (中文)

WSQ Food Safety Course Level 1

Under the SAFE framework, all food handlers in non-retail food establishments will be required to attend and pass WSQ Food Safety and Hygiene Level 1.  Food handlers in existing non-retail food establishment can start attending the WSQ Food Safety and Hygiene Level 1 now in order to meet the requirements in January 2023.  You can find more information on training courses for Food Handlers and Food Hygiene Officers under Safety Assurance for Food Establishment (SAFE) Framework.

Course Title

Food Safety Course Level 1

Food Safety Course Malay Level 1 Objectives

Train Food Handlers to follow Food and Beverage Safety and Hygiene Policies and Procedures to ensure food safety.

Attire / Pakaian

Please wear covered shoes / Sila pakai kasut bertutup

Food Safety Course Level 1 (Malay)

Food Safety Course Malay Level 1 Content

1) Practise Good Personal Hygiene

  • Importance of good personal hygiene
  • Impact of good personal hygiene on prevention of food-borne illnesses
  • Hand washing procedures
  • Importance of working only when in good health
  • Environmental Public Health (Food Hygiene) Regulations

2) Use Safe Ingredients

  • Use safe and wholesome food ingredients
  • Clean and wash food as required

3) Handling Food Safely

  • Impact of safe defrosting to prevent contamination
  • Importance of preventing cross-contamination
  • Considerations for handling high-risk food
  • Considerations for handling ready-to-eat food
  • Importance of maintaining food hygiene during food transportation
  • Environmental Public Health (Food Hygiene) Regulations
  • Separate and label meat grinders used for processing mutton, pork and beef

4) Store Food Safely

  • How temperature affects growth of germs in food
  • Importance of holding and storing food at proper temperatures
  • Importance of maintaining proper storage conditions
  • Importance of ensuring that food products and items used in food preparation and service are stored away from potential sites of contamination
  • Importance of stock rotation, such as first expire, first out (FEFO) system
  • Environmental Public Health (Food Hygiene) Regulations

5) Maintain cleanliness of utensils, equipment and service/storage areas

  • Importance of using correct procedures during cleaning
  • Importance of using clean and safe utensils and equipment to prepare food
  • Importance of keeping premises clean to prepare food safely
  • Impact of good refuse management
  • Importance of effective pest control at food establishments
  • Environmental Public Health (Food Hygiene) Regulations

Who Should Attend

Any employee who is planning to work in the F&B Industry, who handle and prepare food and beverage in SFA-licensed food establishment i.e. Kitchen Managers, Supervisors, Chefs, Sous Chefs, Cooks, Kitchen Assistants, Food Stall Assistants, and all food and beverage handlers.

  • Food handlers who prepare food and beverages in NEA-licensed food retail establishments and hawkers.
  • Any person who requires a food hygiene cert, food handler certificate, or food safety certificate.

How long does the Food Safety Course Level 1 take?

The Food Safety Course Level 1 is a one-day course, covering 7.5 hours (including assessment).

Food Safety Course Malay Level 1 Assessment Mode

At the end of the course, participants will be required to undergo an assessment for 1.5 hours which comprises of practical performance (PP), a written assessment which consists of Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQ), and Short Answer Questions (SAQ).

  • Multiple Choice
  • Short Answer
  • Practical Assessments

Learning Outcomes

To equip participants with the knowledge and understanding on the importance of Food hygiene and safety while preparing or handling food

Food Hygiene Certificate

Participants who fulfil all requirements will be certified with a Statement of Attainment (SOA) issued by SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG).

Validity of Food Hygiene Certificate

Food hygiene certificates are valid for 5 years upon completion. After passing the basic food hygiene course, food handlers can attend the Food Hygiene Refresher Course to ensure continued practice of good food hygiene, within the period shown in the following table.

Food Hygiene Refresher TrainingCompliance
1st refresher trainingBy 5th year from the Food Safety Course Level 1 passed date
2nd and subsequent refresher trainingEvery 10th year from last refresher course pass date

Food Safety Level 1 Certificate Check

If you have taken a Singapore food hygiene course before, past food hygiene certificate can be retrieved from the Skills Passport website.

You can also visit our step by step guide – How to Download Food Hygiene Cert

More related information can be found on our Food Safety Blog.

Course Feature

Course Feature

Course Provider: AESTHETICAR PTE. LTD.
UEN: 201400645K
Course Reference Number: TGS-2022016432(Malay)
Mode Of Training: Classroom
Funding Validity Period: 31 Oct 2022 – 09 Oct 2024

Singaporean 40 yrs and above$58.50
Singaporean 21-39 yrs / PR$88.50
Duration1 Day
(7.5 hours)
Skillfuture and UTAP Eligible.

Available in: English / 中文 / Malay

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