Progressive Wage Model (PWM) for Security Industry

What is the Progressive Wage Model

The Progressive Wage Model (PWM) helps to increase wages of workers through upgrading skills and improving productivity. It is implemented via government levers in the cleaning, security and landscape sectors.

The PWM covers Singapore citizens and Singapore permanent residents (PRs) in the cleaning and security sectors, as well as landscape companies on NParks’ Landscape Company Register.

Employers are encouraged to use these principles of progressive wage for your foreign cleaners, security officers and landscape maintenance employees.

 Progressive Wage Model (PWM) by sector

  •  Cleaning sector
  • Security sector
  • Landscape sector

 Progressive Wage Model (PWM) for Security Industry

Progressive Wage Model (PWM) for Security Industry helps increase security officer wages by upgrading skills through security officer courses. Security Officers can progress in their security officer career, first to Senior Security Officers, and then to Security Supervisors.

 PWM Basic Security Salary Floor

Job level2022202320242025202620272028
Security officer$ 1,442$ 1,650$ 2,650$ 2,870$ 3,090$ 3,310$ 3,530
Senior security officer$ 1,633$ 1,830$ 2,950$ 3,170$ 3,390$ 3,610$ 3,830
Security supervisor$ 1,839$ 2,040$ 3,250$ 3,470$ 3,690$ 3,910$ 4,130
Senior security supervisor$ 2,045$ 2,240$ 3,550$ 3,770$ 3,990$ 4,210$ 4,430

Basic Wage Model : Security Officer (SO)

More information on How to get a Security Officer License →

Basic Wage Model : Senior Security Office (SSO)

Basic Wage Model : Security Supervisor (SS)

Security Officer Courses

Thinking of becoming a security officer, but don’t know where to start? Enquire on any of our courses to find out how you can use SkillsFuture to:

  • Get a security officer license
  • Progress in your wages