Business Development Mindset for Fund Management — FTS-CPD eligible

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Course Overview

Develop a Business Growth Mindset for Portfolio Management

Business Development Mindset for Fund Management Course is developed and designed by a leading speaker who specializes in mindset strategies for success and peak performance in fund and finance management. This program is structured as a 2-day workshop packed with activities.

Rather than just theoretical learning, varied training methodologies will be adopted to provide a wholesome learning environment. The program applies evidence-based methods that work in the real world of financial management, aiding you in developing a growth mindset that utilises effective mental methods to overcome daily and long-term obstacles.

Course Title

Business Development Mindset for Fund Management

What You Will Learn From This Course

Upon completion of the programme, the FA Representative will be able to:

  • Be more resilient and able to peak performance under pressure.
  • Stay calm and relaxed in any high-pressure situation
  • Focus on performing and ignoring distractions when it matters
  • Have self-belief and trust in one’s capabilities
  • Overcome adversities and setbacks well
  • Give and receive social support to and from others

Business Development Mindset for Fund Management — FTS-CPD eligible

Course Content:

Module 1: Introduction To Business Development Mindset

  • Systematic approach to mental conditioning for financial consultants
  • Link between mental toughness and success in fund management
  • Skills are learned, not inherited

Module 2: The Business Development Mindset Model

  • The 3 Fundamental Skills of Business Development
  • The 5Cs of Mental Toughness
  • Elite entrepreneurship psychology

Module 3: Goal Setting For Success

  • Outcome vs Process Goals
  • Link between stress and goals
  • Setting long-term goals for success

Module 4: Internal Monologue Of Success

  • The power of self-talk
  • Switching from negativity to positivity
  • Overcoming irrational beliefs to be your best

Module 5: C1 – Composure

  • Staying calm and relaxed in high pressure situation
  • The Ideal Performance State
  • Techniques to manage composure anywhere, anytime

Module 6: C2 – Concentration

  • Focusing on performing and ignoring distractions when it matters
  • Broad Awareness vs Narrow Awareness
  • Instilling laser focus in your financial consultancy journey

Module 7: C3 – Confidence

  • Having the self-belief and trust in one’s capabilities
  • Situational Confidence builds Global Confidence
  • Building your positive self-image

Module 8: C4 – Cope-Ability

  • Overcoming adversities and setbacks well
  • Using Simulation Training to prepare yourself
  • Visualization to overcome challenges

Module 9: C5 – Cohesion

  • Giving and receiving social support to and from others
  • Building your own power team
  • Working together for success

Module 10: Embedding The Winning Attitude In The Financial Industry

  • Learning from the world’s best
  • Celebrate success, learn from failure
  • Pursue excellence, not perfection

Earn CPD Hours/ CPD Points, Reach Your Annual CPD Quota — Continuing Professional Development

This course can contribute a total of 8.5 verifiable CPD Hours/ CPD Points to your annual CPD quota. For more information on whether your CPD Scheme is applicable for clocking CPD Hours/ CPD Points using this course, take a look at our Summary of Finance MAS CPD Requirements.

CPD — Continuing Professional Development, is a nationwide scheme that is crucial in ensuring that industry representatives and practitioners maintain knowledge and skill currency with regulatory and industry changes. It allows industry professionals to evolve in tandem with the industry.

Funding for this course is under IBF FTS Funding. Under the IBF FTS Scheme, company-sponsored participants will have 80% of the direct training cost subsidized for them. In addition, Singaporean Citizens aged 40 years old and above will be eligible for 90% co-funding of direct training costs, under the SkillsFuture Mid-Career Advanced Subsidy (MCES) Scheme.

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Course Feature

Course Feature

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