UT ILP Financial Advisor Course — FTS-CPD eligible

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Course Overview

Financial Advisor Classes – Unit Trust, Investment-linked Policies, and others

What is this Financial Advisor Course About

UT/ILP Investment Sales Master Class aims to change the way that financial advisors look at investment sales. Through an evidence-based approach, it teaches the principles of investment and shows you how to make your investments profitable. It looks at profitable investments from the lens of pooled investment products such as — Unit Trust (UT), Investment-linked Policy (ILP) and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs).

Course Title

UT/ILP Investment Sales Master Class

UT ILP Financial Advisor Course — FTS-CPD eligible

What Skills You Will Learn From This Investment Advisor Course

Market Research and Analysis

You will learn how to make smart and effective investments by being taught

  • Tried-and-True methods of collecting market data from both market and customers
  • Best-practice methods of compiling data and combining it with varied market insights

Industry Knowledge (Products)

Asset Management

You will understand the value of long-term investing by being shown how to analyse the probability and range of net returns. Through this, you will learn how best to condition customer investment behaviour.

Capital Markets, Financial Markets

You will be familiarised with the pros and cons of investing in both capital and financial markets.

Sales Strategy

You will learn skills that help to increase customer buy-in probability, such as

  • Advisor-customer communication: Storytelling, Charts, Differentiation
  • Apply chain linking in actual fund returns to further encourage customers to invest in market downturns
  • Learn the Five Fundamental Indicators (US GDP Growth , US Non-Farm Payrolls, US-10 year yield, Energy and Gold Prices) Approach to have a Facts and Figures approach to discussing investment options

What This Financial Course’s Modules Are About

Module#1 The Truth About Long-Term Investing (90min)

The first module shows financial advisors that the true definition of long-term investing is a ten-year period and not the commonly accepted 3-5 years. This module teaches advisors to look at the probability of positive and negative total returns and range of total returns over the investment history of an asset class as a way to condition the customers investment behavior.

Module #2 The Truth About Long-Tern Investing – Advanced (120min)

Building-up on concepts and frameworks learned from Module #1, Module#2 shows advisors how the long-term looks for a range of other markets like global equities, regional equities (Asia ex Japan and Emerging Markets), single country equities and fixed income and how risk-return trade-offs are explained across markets.

In two case studies, this module demonstrates the rationale for home country bias in investing and showcases the challenges in SGD investing for global investment grade portfolios. This module teaches advisors the use of dollar value of annualized return and total return as a skill based behavioural change to differentiate themselves. This module also helps advisors develop the skills required (storytelling, differentiation and chart reading) to effectively communicate the concepts shown in module #1 to their customers.

Module #3 Reaping Rich Rewards by Being Regular (120min)

Investment theory demands that a falling market, by virtue of lower prices, should lead to customer investments. Customer behaviour usually defies this expectation, usually with good reason. Module#3 bridges this gap between theory and practice and conditions the customer to invest in a falling market and invest despite of the portfolio witnessing losses.

Financial Advisors learn non-investment conversational skills and a range of investment proofs to predispose customers to invest into down markets. Financial advisors are shown how periodic investment over ten and twenty-years delivers the long-term returns of the asset class. Chain linking of individual returns to generate overall returns and annualised returns are introduced as concepts to promote investment during market downturns.

Module #4 What is a Good Unit Trust/Investment Linked Policy (90min)

Module #4 introduces the concept of benchmark as the key factor in determining what is a good unit trust or investment linked policy. Advisors are taught to examine ten
calendar years of fund and benchmark returns as the professional way to determining what is a good actively managed unit trust or investment linked policy. Use of negative calendar year returns in pooled investment product performance is shown to be a more realistic risk proxy when sharing with customers the risks in investing. Advisors are taught the application of chain linking in actual fund returns to predispose customers to invest in adverse periods.

Module #5 Conversing Confidently on Markets (90min)

The New Light Investment Sales Master Class is based on controlling those aspects of investing which are controllable. Yet, as human beings, as curious and emotional beings, we want to understand the world around us. Module #5 shares with advisors the Five Fundamental Indicators (US GDP Growth, US Non-Farm Payrolls, US-10 year yield, Energy and Gold prices) Approach to having confident conversations on financial markets.

With this approach, advisors are always prepared to have a facts and figures based discussion on financial markets, which extends beyond the typical discourse on market indices. Through this module advisors are also coached on the difference between market update and market outlook and on the futility of trying to forecast financial markets.

Earn CPD Hours/ CPD Points, Reach Your Annual CPD Quota — Continuing Professional Development

This Financial Advisor Course can contribute a total of 8.5 verifiable CPD Hours/ CPD Points to your annual CPD quota. For more information on whether your CPD Scheme is applicable for clocking CPD Hours/ CPD Points using this course, take a look at our Summary of Finance MAS CPD Requirements.

CPD — Continuing Professional Development, is a nationwide scheme that is crucial in ensuring that industry representatives and practitioners maintain knowledge and skill currency with regulatory and industry changes. It allows industry professionals to evolve in tandem with the industry.

Funding for this course is under IBF FTS Funding. Under the IBF FTS Scheme, company-sponsored participants will have 80% of the direct training cost subsidized for them. In addition, Singaporean Citizens aged 40 years old and above will be eligible for 90% co-funding of direct training costs, under the SkillsFuture Mid-Career Advanced Subsidy (MCES) Scheme.

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Course Feature

Course Feature

Course Provider: To be Advised
UEN: To be Advised
Course Reference Number: To be Advised
Mode Of Training: Online Sessions
Funding Validity Period: To be Advised

Singaporean 40 yrs and above$900.00
Singaporean 21-39 yrs / PR$900.00
Duration4 Half Days over 2 Weeks
(8.5 hours)

Available in: English

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